Introducing: Sarah Domet

This morning, I was awakened by a chorus of voices.  Granted, they were kind of craggy sounding, and I couldn’t make out what they were saying because they were clearly coming from underwater.  This can only mean one thing: the Swamp Monsters started their day by braiding their boggy voices through the chorus of The Swamp Monster Anthem of Joy in celebration of tonight’s Kick-Off Reading Spectacular, the oft-foretold-in-algae-covered-tomes-of-lore beginning to The Burning Swamp Reading Series.  We here at the swamp are officially pumped up, and we’re celebrating this pumped-up-itude with our last-but-super-certainly-not-least reader profile.  Presenting prose writer and swamp aficionado, Sarah Domet!

A Little About Sarah Domet (By Sarah Domet):

I’m thrilled to help inaugurate the Burning Swamp Series!  In 2010 I published a book about

Legend has it that Sarah Domet possesses the enviable ability to converse with the Yeti. This may or may not be a photograph of Sarah Domet doing just that (Yeti not pictured, because it’s a Yeti and all).

how to write a book: 90 Days to Your Novel.  My short stories have been published in literary journals such as Beloit Fiction Journal, New Delta Review, Potomac Review, and Harpur Palate.  Some of my newer work will be forthcoming in Bluestem and Barely South Review in the coming months.  I spent this past year finishing my novel, Altar Girls, which revolves around the lives of four girls—all named Guinevere—who live in a boarding school run by nuns.  Stuff happens.

I’m not yet sure what I’ll read on Thursday.  I tend to write longer work, so I’m a bit nervous about being gonged at the 7 minute, 20 second mark. But I understand that’s the time it takes for swamp gas to ignite, and so I think this will be good practice for when I’m reading to those swamp pirates.  Swamp pirates do not have much of an attention span, from what I gather.

Sarah’s Answers to Our Swamp Survey:

1. What’s your favorite cryptozoology creature?

The Yeti /Abominable Snowman, mostly because he was featured in the 1964version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, my favorite holiday movie.  (And maybe my favorite movie period.) The poor guy—they named him Bumble—was so sweet and furry, an odd cross between Papa Smurf and Michael McDonald.  I was always surprised by how gracious Bumble was to adorn the Christmas tree at the end of the movie, even when Santa acted like such a jerk.   I’d like to think if the real Yeti is out there somewhere, he’s just some misunderstood guy with an abundance of hair.  And, after all, what’s so wrong with that?

2. Do you believe in Swamp Primates?

I think the better question is:  Do they believe in me?

3. What do you think we should do about all of the recent Swamp Primate attacks?

Maybe sit them in front of an old episode of Bob Ross and have them paint happy trees.  Or just avoid the swamp altogether.

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